The KDI School is able to offer the 2013 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

The KDI School is able to offer the 2013 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) sponsored by the

National Institute for International Education (NIIED).  It is one of the most advanced scholarship opportunities ever offered in the country and I strongly encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and any potential candidates.  Please see below for the summary of this scholarship program:Benefits: Full tuition, monthly stipend, and round trip airfare

Eligibility: a BA or an equivalent degree holder (see the attached guideline for details)

Application Deadline: March 29

th, 2013

Program Duration: 3 years (1 yr of Korean language training and 2 yrs of Master's degree program; MPP or MDP)


It would be very much appreciated if you could distribute the attached flyer and the application guideline to local universities and your acquaintances.

  It is my sincere hope that many candidates from your country would be able to take this great opportunity by applying for the

2013 KGSP program.

  Also, please share the following link which directly goes to the KDI School's latest promotional video with potential candidates:


I certainly believe your valued participation would ultimately lead to wider collaboration and stronger friendship between your country and Korea and sincerely appreciate your support.


I look forward to welcoming many applicants from your country.




Chul Hee Sheen (Ms.)


Admissions Office

KDI School of Public Policy and Management

85 Hoegiro Dongdaemun Gu, Seoul, Korea 130-722

Tel: 822-3299-1281 
Fax: 822-3299-1223


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